The Issues

DSCF0679.JPGIs a dam on the American River the best thing for the people of California? Auburn Dam proponents claim that a multipurpose dam would provide much-needed flood control for Sacramento as well as provide water for future development.

As responsible citizens, it is our duty to look at both sides of an issue in order to make informed decisions for the welfare of the community.

Following are our responses to the three main justifications given for the Auburn Dam: Flood Control, Water Supply and Recreation:

Public Safety Is Better-Served By Focusing First on Folsom Modifications and Levee Repairs

Flood Control: Folsom Dam modifications, combined with weather forecasting technology and levee repairs, can provide Sacramento with enough protection to guard against the largest floods to be reasonably expected from the American River Watershed.

More importantly, levee repairs and some Folsom modifications are needed regardless of whether or not an Auburn Dam exists. The fiscally responsible citizen should focus on obtaining the funding and planning for these essential public projects first.

Earthquake Threat – The Auburn Dam would create an earthquake threat with a greater probability of occurring and possibly more catastrophic consequences, than the very flood it is meant to control.

Water and Power Can Be Met with Friendlier, Cost-Effective Alternatives

Building new facilities and infrastructure is the most inefficient way of handling water and power supply issues. Inexpensive legislation, policy shifts, and farming techniques could decrease demand in 2030 by 8.5 million acre feet per year!

On top of that, there exist alternative capital investments to a dam that cost less initially and pay off more in the long run. With so many alternatives that are less costly and more effective, water and power supply cannot be taken as a serious justification for building Auburn Dam.

Auburn Dam Would Result in the Loss of a Valuable Recreational Resource

Proponents of the Auburn Dam Project claim that a reservoir at Auburn would provide more and better recreation opportunities for Californians. It is unlikely that a reservoir in Auburn would provide a recreation pool equal to that of the unspoiled canyons.