Flood Control
1. Chart: American River Historic Flood Table, as of 2001
2. Chart: A Comparison of Hypothetical Flood Estimates, 1998
3. Chart: Design Flood Performance of ARWP Flood Control Projects
4. Galloway Report, Floodplain Management into the 21st Century; Report of the Interagency Floodplain Management Review Committee
5. Floods of 97- FOR Memo on the Army Corps of Engineers’ 1997 ARWP Hydrology Analysis
6. Historic Flows vs. Flood Control Projects (with FOR memo)
7. FEMA Levee Certification Procedures
8. Natomas Flood Depth Map
9. Risk & Liability Hearing Testimony – FOR Memo on Floodplain Management

Seismic Concerns
1. Seismic Safety at Auburn Dam- An Evaluation of Geotechnical Studies (Finnerty)
2. Accompanying Figures for Finnerty Report (above)
3. Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Response to Seismic Studies

Public Opinion

1. ADC Poll- Public Support for Auburn Dam Taxes
2. Press Coverage of Renewed Interest in Dam After Hurrican Katrina